Action plans for Public Administration Reform

Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina is guided by the vision of establishment of public administration which would be more effective, more efficient and more accountable, serve citizens in better way with lower cost and work on the basis of transparent and open procedures. At the same time it would fulfill the conditions for European integrations and by that become the true instigator of the continued and sustainable socio-economic development.

In accordance with that, the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, with the support of the Technical Assistance Team of the European Commission, has made the Strategy of the Public Administration Reform, whose specific objectives are based on this vision of the Public Administration in BiH.

Strategy presents all comprising and universal document which gives strategic framework for the reform, and concrete activities, measures, deadlines and supervisory institutions are in the first Action plan for the implementation of the Strategy.

Concrete implementation of the Strategy through action plans is conducted in phases. In connected stances, there are two separate action plans.

The first Action plan, adopted at the same time when the Strategy was, contains concrete suggestions for development of general capacities of the administration. It is created on the basis of recommendations of the Systemic overview of the institutions of the public administration.

Although the development of general administrative capacities is necessary, it is not sufficient for improvement of successfulness of functioning of the administration. Second Action Plan is being prepared; it will be focused on providing conditions for development of the sector capacities in the key sectors of the policy.

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July 2020