Electronic signature introduced

Press Clipping 25th June 2013

Director of the Tax Administration of the Republic of Srpska, Zora Vidović and director of the Information Society Agency of the Republic of Srpska, Srđan Rajčević have signed the contract on providing certification services, by which the electronic signature has been introduced in business of this administration.  This was the opportunity for Vidović to receive the qualified digital certificate.

Vidović has said that the introduction of e-signature is a very important event for Administration, which communicates with 1.7 million of tax payers, by pointing out that this will contribute to savings in material expenditures of at least 20%, with significant time saving. She has said that the Tax Administration will insist on certification of tax payers to begin as soon as possible, by explaining that the real effect will be achieved right after their certification.

"Our current communication with tax payers goes through papers and it’s expensive. By signing today’s contract the Tax Administration begins to work on electronic documents, which is a one-way manner of communication towards tax payers", Vidović has said.

Rajčević has said that signing this contract has been done in a framework of the project being implemented by the Information Society Agency inside the public administration of Srpska and it represents creating an electronic administration system. According to him, application of e-signature will in certain measure bring to the elimination of paper form in business, which means that the current paper documents will have their double in an electronic form.

Rajčević has pointed out that this fastens up the work, effectiveness and transparency inside of the Tax Administration. He has added that, according to the reform plan in registration of business parties, e-signature should be introduced next year in that field as well.

The Tax Administration is the third institution in Srpska, which introduces electronic signature, while Ministry of Science and Technology and Ministry of Education and Culture of Srpska have already done it before.

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