Here you can find strategic documents for Public Administration Reform, together with the promotional materials, tenders, advertisements and all other acts relevant for Public Administration Reform.Adobe

To view certain documents, you will need the PDF reader. If you do not have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer, you can download it  by clicking on the Adobe logo. Besides the aforementioned format, documents may be uploaded in one of the usual Microsoft Office formats as well: DOC, XLS or PPT. To open these documents you can use the Microsoft Office, or the OpenOffice.

Among the strategic documents of the reform, we assign the following:

Action Plan 1 of the Public Administration Reform Strategy in BiH

The objective of the Action Plan 1 is development of capacities for efficient coordination, as well as for the coherent creation and adoption of policies for the purpose of building, strengthening/consolidation and harmonisation of general systems in the area of public finances, human resources, administrative procedure, information technologies and institutional communication.

Public Administration Reform Strategy

The Strategy of the Public Administration Reform is an all-comprising and a universal document, which offers strategic framework for the aforementioned reform. It is focused on improvement of the general administrative capacities; to be more exact, the manners in which the state administration is organised, how it creates policies, drafts and executes the budget, hires and trains the staff.



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September 2020