Integrity speech


 Dear colleagues, civil servants, the Public Administration Reform Fund donors, business partners of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, dear representatives of the non-governmental sector in BiH, esteemed citizens

Being aware that the corruption in our country is only one of the problems we are facing on our path to the European Union, we directed our activities to achievement of zero tolerance for corruption from the very establishment of the PARCO. By improving internal procedures, we were creating so far, and we continue to do so, an ambience in which there would be no place for any irregularities.

It is my pleasure that today I work with colleagues to whom ethics and morality are high on a list of personal and professional principles.

We do not want corruption in our midst, not only because of our own ethical and moral convictions, but also because of the donors who entrusted the money to our institution to manage it. The donors invested the money for public administration reform implementation, and we made the financial flows open and transparent.

We were among the first institutions at the state level that adopted their own Code of Ethics, thus confirming that we shall respect the regulations, make correct decisions, avoiding in that process a gain for ourselves or others, as well as that we shall always be at the service of the citizens.

Last year, we adopted the Action Plan for Combat Against Corruption, and in accordance with it, we also opened the channels for all of you, who have a knowledge or evidence, to report irregularities.  We drafted also the Plan of Integrity for Combat Against Corruption, through which we analysed all the jobs and process, and proposed measures and activities, so we could decrease the possibilities for possible irregularities to the fullest extent possible.

I abide by the moral and ethical principles both in the professional and in the private life. Therefore, I ask my colleagues and expect from them as well, to respect, within their rights, obligations and authorities, the principles of: legality, objectivity, professional impartiality, responsibility, efficiency, transparency, cost effectiveness and justice. Also, I expect that we, by our behaviour, would never decrease our personal reputation and reputation of our institution.

Dear colleagues,

I am aware of the fact that those who report corruption today are exposed to various forms of harassment and judgement, so I will not allow that all of you who report a corruption in good faith are exposed to that. I personally think that persons who point anomalies in a society should be rewarded for their courage, and not punished.

Therefore, I invite you to use the opened channels to report irregularities, to point to us possible mistakes and omissions, and to help us to work together in a more efficient, transparent, accountable and professional manner.


Dragan Ćuzulan, PhD
Public Administration Reform Coordinator

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August 2020