Public Administration Reform in BiH

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Welcome to the Internet presentation of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office in Bosnia and Herzegovina!

With the information on this page, we want to contribute to the understanding of the public administration reform process our country is going through, and constantly keep you up to date on the achieved progress.

The role of the Office is to promote, initiate and coordinate the activities on the level of all the governments with the goal of achieving harmonised, effective, transparent and service oriented public administration, capable of leading BiH in the Euro-integration process.

We hope that this page will help the visitors not only to better understand how the public administration functions, but also that it will ensure an open discussion on the public administration reform in BiH, by the measure and at the service of all its citizens.

State Public Administration
Reform Coordinator

Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina is necessary for establishing effective, accountable and financially efficient civil service. This reform is a precondition for integration of BiH in the European Union, which administrative capacities capable of implementing the Acquis Communautaire considers one of the most important criteria for membership. Besides serving the best interest of the citizens on the basis of open and transparent procedures, reformed public administration will be a trigger of constant and sustainable socio-economic development.

Implementation of the reform is based on the Strategy of the public administration reform, a document which contains guidelines for strengthening general administrative capacities. Operational implementation of the Strategy is regulated by the Action Plan 1, with precise deadlines and institutions in charge for building, strengthening and harmonisation of general systems in 6 reform areas:

  • Policy making and Coordination Capacities
  • Public Finances
  • Human Resources Management
  • Administrative Procedure
  • Institutional Communication
  • Information technologies

Action Plan 2 stipulates development and strengthening of sector capacities.

Political responsibility for implementation of the Action Plan 1 is carried by the chairman of the Concil of ministries of B&H, prime ministries of the Federation of BiH, Republic of Srpska and the Mayor of the Brčko District, which has been confirmed by signing the Joint Platform. This document ensures political and legal framework and basis for cooperation of the bodies of administration from all the levels of government, and for delegating and work of their representatives in the joint work bodies for supervision and implementation of the AP1.

Public Administration Reform will be implemented in three time phases, with a goal of BiH achieving a quality level of the European administrative space and implementing the Acquis by the end of 2014. Coordination, direction and monitoring of the public administration reform is the area of expertise of the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office in BiH.

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September 2020