Policy Making and Coordination Capacities in Public Administration Reform

The goal of the reform in this area is to improve the structure, capacities and successfulness of the work of the government secretariats, for the purpose of strengthening decision making systems at all the levels of government. Secretariats will become primary coordinating bodies, with the task of ensuring efficient work of the respective ministries and accorded with the work of other administration bodies. They will develop capacities for coordination between different levels of government.

The reform of the central capacities for policy making will be continued together with the strengthening of the capacities for policy making in the ministries. The goal is to develop capacities of the ministries so it could draft quality proposals, consult and estimate possible influences, and draft quality legal acts, ensuring competent decision making.

Capacities for policy making and coordination are significant for the process of European Integrations as well. Chapter 34 of the Acquisa demands from the future members to establish necessary bodies and mechanisms for the purpose of ensuring efficient work in the composition of the EU Administration. In the European Partnership it is clearly demanded from BiH to ensure suitable coordination in policy making between all the levels of government.

Implementation of the measures established by the Action Plan 1 for this reform area will be carried through:

This area, as well as concrete measures, deadlines and institutions in charge are described in detail in the Strategy of the Public Administration Reform and the Action plan 1.

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May 2020