Projects in Public Administration Reform

Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina is being implemented through projects. Their purpose is the accomplishment of the specific objectives of the Reform, which will in the end together lead to the accomplishment of the common objective – reformed public administration in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Completed, ongoing and planned projects, which are directly, indirectly or partially connected with the public administration reform, differ in size, beneficiaries and implementers.

Projects are implemented by local authorities and international community. The Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office follows, supervises and coordinates projects in relation to their harmonization with the Strategy and the Action Plan 1 of the Public Administration Reform.

This category shows the list of projects which deal with the Public Administration Reform in Bosnia and Herzegovina. In that sense, all the projects can be divided in two groups:


  • PAR Projects – projects within the public administration reform that are not financed from the PAR Fund


  • PARF Projects – projects financed from the joint Fund for the Public Administration Reform

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September 2020