PARF Projects

By adoption of the Public Administration Reform Strategy, in the middle of 2006, the strategic framework for Public Administration Reform has been established with an objective of establishing more open, effective, efficient, transparent and more accountable public administration in BiH. The Action plan 1, founded on the basic idea of the Strategy, contains a detailed overview of the activities, foreseen for six key, horizontal areas of the Reform. It gives guidelines, to domestic authorities, as well as to the international community and donors, for the identification of the projects which should be financed.

For that purpose, the Public Administration Reform Fund (PAR Fund) has been established. It has been foreseen as a source of financing of technical and expert assistance in the implementation of the projects, defined on the basis of the activities stipulated by the Action Plan 1 and the Revised Action plan 1, after the approval by the Management Board of the Fund. Members of the Management Board Fund are: Ms. Semiha Borovac, National Coordinator for Public Administration Reform, Ms. Stojanka Ćulibrk, Public Administration Reform Coordinator in the Republic of Srpska, Ms. Mirsada Jahić, Public Administration Reform Coordinator in the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina, Mr. Nenad Kojić, Public Administration Coordinator in the Brčko District, Mr. Ranko Šakota as a representative of the Ministry of Finance and Treasury of BiH,  and representatives of the major Fund donors: Delegation of the European Union in BiH, The Royal Netherland Embassy in BiH, Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Great Britain and Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Norway. The assets of this Fund will serve as a supplement of the provided budget means which will finance the Public Administration Reform.

Overall coordination in implementation of the projects is provided by the Public Administration Reform Coordinator’s Office, while the supervisory function over the operative implementation belongs to the supervisory boards, formed by the decisions of the governments and assorted by reform areas. Practical and operative implementation of particular projects is done by the teams for implementation in concrete reform area, formed for implementation of every particular project.

Priority projects shall be clearly defined in accordance with the needs for concrete reform activity and coordinated for the purpose of achieving the goals of the reform. Projects financed by the means of the Public Administration Reform Fund will be implemented through partnership relations, with active support and contribution of the administration bodies from all the levels of government. Implementation of these projects will be conducted in a manner which ensures the highest degree of efficiency, which implies the rational usage of human and material resources, and responsible and timely implementation of the stipulated activities.

Founding assets of the Fund, amounted 4.5 million euro, have been increased through the annexes of the Memorandum of Understanding for Establishment of the Public Administration Reform Fund, therefore overall investment of donors ensured so far is 11,5 million Euros. By signing the Memorandum Annex III, besides new donors entering the PAR Fund (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Norway), local governments have obliged themselves to allocate the assets from their budget means for financing the PAR Fund. Moreover, the dialogs on new donor entering the PAR fund – Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark are in their final phase.


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August 2020