PARCO Vacancies

In this category You can find and download documents about jobs, services and working positions within PARCO BiH, available only in local languages. 

PARCO Vacancies

No. ImeVeličina
1Decision on engagement of the interns on a 1 year period within PARCO (local language)B
2List of the candidates that heaven't passed written test or heavent participated in testing - Open competition for the InterrimsB
3List of the candidates that passed written test - Open competition for the InterrimsB
4Odluka o načinu provjere znanja pripravnikaB
5Open competition for the filling up the posts of Civil Servants within PARCO - OPENED UNTIL 10.12.2007 (local language)
Open competition for the filling up the posts of Civil Servants within Public Administration Reform Coordinator's Office by the Office of the Chairman of BH Council of Ministers.

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