Action Plan 2 of the Public Administration Reform Strategy

The reforms described in the AP1 of the PAR Strategy aim at developing general administrative capacity in all branches of the administration. This general capacity is critical, but alone it is not sufficient to create policies and deliver services in multiple sectors, for which the State, Entities and other levels of government hold responsibility. Moreover, the EU accession process will require certain sectoral reforms in order to create the institutional basis for the adoption of the acquis communautaire.

To achieve that objective, the Action Plan 2 of the PAR Strategy aims at reforming various sectors of Public Administration, and will be constructed through programs or plans focused specifically on improving sector capacities.

There is great expectation that these sectoral reforms will rationalize and compact the administration; both within individual government levels – and in some measure, across them. Such expectations are partly connected to an inadequacy of the current organization of public administration, which draws largely on concepts inherited from the pre-war administrative tradition. While the concepts stated are generally sound, they are difficult to apply under the new circumstances; their full implementation is hampered by internal and external factors within the administrative system.

Given the expected scale of sectoral reforms, the objective within this Strategy is to ensure a sufficient degree of coordination to preserve the coherence of organizational models and ensure proper management of organizational change. These two objectives are essential to maintaining the coherence of the resulting administration in the sectors. To achieve this, guidance and standardization will be provided through the Office of the PAR Coordinator.

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September 2020